About Akwill

The Akwill Company is based in Africa and has agricultural, bioengineering and energy divisions. We have processed coconuts and coir since 1990 into various products. Each division of the company has supplied it’s products on numerous projects worldwide, therefore this is what is different and unique about Akwill.

The coconut husk now processed as bbq pellet fuel used with the Akwill BBQ Smoker is ‎totally sustainable. It is manufactured to work with the Akwill BBQ equipment to give healthy, tasty smoked bbq food prepared by our trained chefs for exquisite events. Hence it can be used for all events and for domestic or commercial purposes.  This BBQ Smoker is different from others available on the market for so many reasons. Most of all the amount of food that can be cooked at once, the ease of use and maneuverability which you would not expect from such a large BBQ Smoker.   Not to mention the wonderful taste of the smoked food from our BBQ Smokers based on recipes from our trained chefs.

bbq smoker - about akwillWe have now harnessed our experience in the food processing and engineering industries to bring you our Akwill BBQ Smoker which we will take to your event to prepare fine dining exquisite cuisine. The BBQ is commercial and home barbecue, see our Grills on Sale details. We are partnering with Coconut Enterprises Limited who have over 23 years experience in the landscaping, construction and engineering industries. We use green agro products specialising in Coconut derived products for our wonderful BBQ Smokers.

The wonderful BBQ smoker and BBQ grill packages with a chef service is now on sale, fuelled by our sustainable coconut husk fuel.

Our products are designed for the commercial catering and the larger domestic market. Ideal users are caterers, sandwich shops, fast food outlets, events caterers, street sellers, party planners and the high end domestic market.

Why buy the Akwill Barbecue Smoker and Grill?

bbq smoker - about akwillAkwill BBQ smoker is a digitalised BBQ‎ smoker which uses a unique fuel made from coconut husk dust.  Coconut husk fuel uses no binders or additives. Most of all is unique in its ability to smoke and grill food using its unique superheated smoke which results in an good appearance and great taste to the grilled food.

The BBQ grills up to 8 chickens at a time and can also process pastries, biscuits, other meats, vegetables. As well as various types of seafood using the unique coco smoke.

Grilled meat has a smoke ring on the outside whilst the inner meat is cooked to the bone using our BBQ Smokers and BBQ Grills.

Our BBQ Smokers are a wonderful addition to your event for the most tasty food to create mouth watering BBQ Recipes!