Akwill BBQ Smoker Fuel and Spec

What Fuel does the Akwill BBQ Smoker System use?

The Akwill BBQ Smoker Fuel and Spec works by using coconut husk pellets as fuel. The BBQ Smoker allows you to smoke and barbecue food in the same cooking process, creating sumptuously smoky food with a wonderfully crisp finish. Especially when combined with other culinary delights from our trained award winning chefs.

Coconut is a superfood, and now it’s a super-fuel too. The husks can be used to create beautiful natural products such as coir flooring, and ropes. The clever people at Akwill have now invented a way of compressing these husks into pellets to make green energy. As well as smoking and barbeque fuel and tasty smoked food.

Now, even the waste dust from the hairy brown husks has been put to an amazing new use.

This is a totally natural, fully sustainable fuel. This is unlike traditional charcoal can be made without the need for cutting down and burning trees. It also will ignite easily within the Akwill BBQ Smoker, specially designed to process the pellets without the need for lighter fuel.  The Akwill BBQ grill uses this wonderful fuel!

Capable of burning slowly at a low heat to gently smoke food, and also at a high heat to give a traditional BBQ crispy finish. The new super-fuel means that chefs can create a new flavour sensation in barbecued food using this amazing BBQ Smoker and renewable fuel.

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Coco Pellets are ‘moisture resistant pellet fuel ‘

These wonderful pellets will work with most pellet fuel heating systems and do not disintegrate with moisture. This is unlike traditional conventional wood pellets also used for other pellet fuelled appliances . Therefore it can be used in most pellet Fuelled appliances and in any place on a dry, rainy or snowy  day‎!

Advantages of our coco pellets specifically designed for use with in all types of weather conditions are as follows:

  1. Our coco pellets when wet will not expand and clog up or risk damaging the pellet Fuelled appliance when exposed to moisture unlike conventional wood pellets.
  2. Our coco pellets bags can be left outside and will not disintegrate with moisture. But they will maintain their integrity when exposed to the weather elements unlike traditional wood pellets.
  3. Brief exposure of conventional wood pellets to rain or snow causes conventional wood pellets to disintegrate and become unusable  unlike our coco pellets.
  4. Conventional wood pellets are sensitive to moisture and will consequently be deformed. As well as rendered unusable by rain or snow unlike our pellets.
  5. Transporting and using our bagged coco fuel pellets for pellet Fuelled appliance can be carried out in any weather unlike conventional wood pellets ‎.

Composition:blended and processed activated coconut dust

Gross Calorific Value:4.43KWh/Kg (44.3KWh/bag).

Cooking Time:3.5-5 hours.




Average Dimensions:6-8 mm dia. 10mm length.

Bulk Density:494 Kg/m3.

Net Weight:3.5-5 Kg per bag.