BBQ Smoker Specification

BBQ Smoker Specification made easy for you to see how our wonderful BBQ Smoker actually works.

Our Green Energy Barbecue Equipment works by superheating superheating our green energy pellets in our speciality barbecue appliance that then converts the coconut charcoal into a gaseous state which heats and smokes the food till it cooks. The smoke which is released is used to barbecue the food in the equipment which has been specially modified to process our coconut pellets. The green energy avoids the harmful effects of kerosene or other petroleum products typically used for conventional charcoal barbecues. The BBQ Smoker Specification and private chefs trained to use it are unique to us!

This BBQ Smoker uses Coco Pellets which are ‘moisture resistant pellet fuel ‘.  These wonderful pellets will work with most pellet fuel heating systems and do not disintegrate with moisture unlike traditional conventional wood pellets.

BBQ Smoker - BBQ Smoker Specification
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BBQ Smokers - BBQ Smoker Specification
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BBQ Smoker - BBQ Smoker Specification
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BBQ Grills for Sale - BBQ Smoker Specification
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Cooking capacity:0.37 m2 (4 ft2)

Dimensions (W x D x H):1250 x 635 x 1330 mm

Weight:75 Kg

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