BBQ Smoker Recipes

The Akwill BBQ is designed for long, slow cooking but this does not mean that home chefs will need to spend long hours supervising the food. This super-easy to use barbeque has fully automated digital controls, so you can just feed the pellets into the hopper, set the controls and leave it while you get on with other jobs. It’s easy to clean, too! Our BBQ Smoker Recipes are truly mouth watering.

This BBQ Smoker and BBQ grill saves time when cooking and produces wonderful tasting food!  Just see our Grills on Sale for yourself.

The food speaks for itself … By purchasing our green energy barbecue system, you have made a life-changing investment. You, your family, your friends will notice the difference in the way the food you cook looks and tastes. Therefore whether it is meat, seafood, vegetables, lamb, the end result will be moist, tender, juicy and tasty using our green barbecue system.

Aromatic Salmon

Youtube Salmon smoker ideo

A healthy option for barbecue fans, this aromatic salmon is both light and delicious.
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Ultimate Ribs Platter

Youtube Rib Platter video

The Ultimate Ribs Platter will satisfy even the meatiest of tastes.
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Tender Smoked Chicken

Youtube Chicken smoker video

Cook beautifully tender, smoky whole chicken using the Akwill BBQ Smoker.
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BBQ Brisket with Boston Baked Beans

Youtube Brisket smoker video

A classic, American-inspired barbecue dish.


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