Jennifer Barnes – August 2020

We really enjoyed our evening everything was really well run with no hassle. More importantly Olivia who’s birthday it was enjoyed the experience. The place was left clean and tidy. The only thing that surprised me was I didn’t realise how far they were travelling from !

Abinbola Akinjide – August 2020

The smoked canapes the main and the smoked desert are second to none. The smoked cuisine is revolutionary, delicious and sumptous.

Ralph Bowling – July 2020

Fantastic high quality food, great service, an authentic bbq smoker experience, great for birthdays, gatherings and even larger events. Would recommend to anyone looking for a high quality catered experience.



Report and Testimonial on trials from UK Professional Chef Paul Morgan who is a former Pub Food Award winner:

“Over the past couple of weeks, the Akwill BBQ/Smoker has been used to cook various meats, fish and vegetables
The operating of it is simple and clear. The dial is very easy to use and the reading of the digital thermostat is clear and precise. It registers the corresponding temperature on the lid and digital reading as identical up to 160oC. However, when dial turned to 235oC, the equipment cannot reach this temperature. I can’t get it to go passed 160oC. This effectively limits the machine to long slow cooking. 
When turned to ‘smoke’ and set to the ‘P’ programme, it gives good and strong smoke, obviously P7 being the strongest. This allows the food product to have a gentle smoked or stronger smoked flavour. The products tested on ‘smoke’ was a beef brisket, pork shoulder, a whole chicken, a whole salmon fillet, a whole, rolled turkey and root vegetables.
Brisket – smoked for 2 hours on P5 and cooked on 150oC for 5 hours, wrapping in tin foil and beer after 3 hours. Once cooked a good strong smoke ring was evident, and an intense smoked flavour.
Pork – smoked for 1.45 hours on P7 and cooked on 130oC for 4 hours. Wrapping in tin foil, apple juice and honey after this time and put back in for further 2.5 hours at 110oC. Strong smoke ring and strong flavour.
Chicken – smoked for 20 minutes on P4 and cooked on 150oC for 1.45 hours, reducing temperature to 110oC and wrapping in tin foil with butter and garlic for additional 45 minutes. The smoke on the chicken was subtle, and meat was very moist.
Salmon – first cured for 12 hours in salt, sugar and herbs. Smoked for 1 hour on P5, and cooked on 80oC for 1 hour. It had a subtle, smoky flavour and was a bit stronger than salmon cooked in a conventional way, but was very pleasant.
Turkey – smoked for 30 minutes on P1 and cooked on 160oC for 2.5 hours, then wrapped in tin foil and adding chicken stock and cooking for an additional 1 hour, giving a slight steaming effect, and a very moist meat.
Vegetables – carrots, parsnips and potatoes were smoked for 4 minutes, then cooked on 150oC for 1 hour, wrapped in tin foil with thyme, garlic, salt and pepper and a bayleaf. The flavours were enhanced due to the smoking and the low temperature cook, whilst wrapped up.

The positives for all use:

Light and manoeuvrable
Easy to use, once mastered the P programme
Good flavours and very moist meat
The ease of cooking, i.e. place meat in and come back 2 hours later. Don’t have to wait for it to reach temperature before putting meat in
Clean heat material, i.e. no soot over ones hands or clothes
Safe end of use, i.e. unplug, close lid and walk away. “