The Ideal BBQ Smoker

The Akwill Bbq Smoker and Bbq Grill is unique in so many ways. It makes the most delicious smoked food and is one of the best Smokers money can buy,

Ideal BBQ Smoker

Why is the BBQ Smoker so good? Find out more below:  
Mobility of this BBQ Smoker is Easy!

Light and manoeuvrable.   The Ideal BBQ Smoker is big and well built and has a big cooking capacity to match but weighs very little by comparison so you can take it anywhere!  Dimensions (W x D x H): 1250 x 635 x 1330 mm.  Weight: 75 Kg.   

Cleaning of this BBQ Smoker is Easy!

The residue from the coco fuel is minimal ash which is brushed out of the firepot underneath the tray into a dustpan and removed.  For drippings and oils prior to each session,the user lines the  tray under the grill with foil paper beforehand and the foil simply needs to be removed from the tray‎ after each session and replaced before each session starts.

Heating up Speed of this BBQ Smoker is Fast!

The ease of cooking, i.e. place meat in and come back 2 hours later. Don’t have to wait for it to reach temperature before putting meat in. 

Operation of this BBQ Smoker is Easy!

The operating of it is simple and clear. The dial is very easy to use and the reading of the digital thermostat is clear and precise. It registers the corresponding temperature on the lid and digital reading as identical up to 160oC. 

Cooking Capacity of this BBQ Smoker is Vast!

BBQ grills up to 8 chickens at a time and can also process pastries, biscuits, other meats, vegetables and various types of seafood using the unique coco smoke.  Our Green Energy Barbecue Equipment works by superheating superheating our green energy charcoal in our speciality barbecue appliance which then converts the coconut charcoal into a gaseous state which smokes the food till it cooks.  Cooking capacity: 0.37 m (4 ft2).  Just see our Grills on Sale for yourself.

Green Energy Bbq, good for the environment!

Akwill BBQ smoker is a Green Energy Bbq and is a digitalised BBQ‎ smoker which uses a unique fuel made from coconut husk dust (this is a totally natural, fully sustainable fuel).  Coconut husk fuel uses no binders or additives and is unique in its ability to smoke and grill food using its unique superheated smoke which results in an good appearance and great taste to the grilled food.  Just see our BBQ Smokers  specifications for yourself.


Testimonials from UK Professional Chef Paul Morgan

“Good flavours and very moist meat and easy to use”

“The ease of cooking, i.e. place meat in and come back 2 hours later. Don’t have to wait for it to reach temperature before putting meat in”

Click here for full review on Akwill BBQ Smoker and BBQ Grills on sale.  Our BBQ Smokers are a wonderful edition to your kitchen for the most tasty food to create mouth watering BBQ Recipes!