Akwill Smoker


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Our Green Energy Barbecue Equipment works by super-heating our green energy charcoal in our speciality barbecue appliance which then converts the coconut charcoal into a gaseous state which smokes the food till it cooks.

Whether it is meat, seafood or vegetables, the end result will be moist, tender, juicy and tasty using our Akwill Smoker green barbecue system. We have been involved in producing green solutions for food security, construction and engineering industries for over 23 years using green products and we have now harnessed our experience in the food processing and engineering industry for use in this speciality barbecue and smoker. You will notice the difference in the way the food cooks, bring you a new taste experience.

We will also be sharing video tips for preparation of food, rubs and sauces, see the latest editions on our Youtube channel.